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About Us

We are a licensed and bilingual (English/ Spanish) center, we are part of Maryland Excels program and we are accredited  by NAFCC ( National Association for Family Child Care ). Our main objective is to support and encourage the process of development and learning from age of three months through six years old.


Smart Kids  believes each child has a tremendous potential and capacity for learning across all developmental domains:physical, cognitive, emotional, language and social; taking into account that adults play an important role in laying the foundation and setting the stage for learning success since the process of development is influenced by experiences and relationships.


In our program is a priority to guide each child  during each stage of growth and help them to develop their multiples intelligences, keeping in mind their needs and interests. We also emphasize on the importance of learning a Second language " Spanish" , since this process help children to be independent, confident, and to develop a high self-esteem, and also Is an important key for their future.





Our mission is to achieve each family recognize  "Smart kids" as the ideal place to educate children to be leaders, to have critical thinking and to be able to change their environment and world.





Our principal aim is to offer a high quality level of child care related to a learning environment through which each child can develop their special capacities and demonstrate their own strengths.


Furthermore for Smart Kids is really important to promote a bilingual approach (English/ Spanish) taking into account the importance and the impact of learning another language nowadays.


We also consider that bilingual children have a tendency to develop more skills in different areas as their cognitive and educational development, also they are more creative, they are capable to solve the problems around their environment, and  they are more flexible in the way they think as a result of processing information through two different language systems.




Our philosophy is based on "THE LEARNING TROUGH PLAY", considering the "Creative Curriculum"  as guide since our main objective is to meet the needs of children and encouraging them to experiment, explore and follow their own interests through educational experiences in a natural way, so they can build their own process of learning.

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